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Due to its low price and high stability, lead battery has been the main type of battery used in Chinese two-wheeled electric vehicles, and the penetration rate of lead battery reaches 90%. Compared with lithium batteries, lead batteries have the advantages of low cost, strong endurance and recyclability, but their weight is also the disadvantage of lead batteries. Lead batteries can be divided into four categories according to their uses: power battery, energy storage battery, backup power battery and starting battery. Among them, starting battery and power battery have the largest market size, accounting for more than 70% of lead batteries in total. The upstream of the lead-acid battery industry chain is the raw material for lead-acid battery. In the production process of lead-acid battery, the main use of lead and lead products (including lead, lead alloy, plate, terminal), plastic (glass fiber, PP material, ABS material, etc.) for battery shell, partition, grid and other manufacturing, as well as sulfuric acid and other raw materials, among which lead and lead products account for the production cost of lead-acid battery 60-70% of them. The downstream of the lead-acid battery industry chain is the application field of lead-acid battery. At present, there are many downstream applications of lead-acid battery, which are distributed in many fields such as transportation, power system, communication equipment, industrial equipment, national defense, military industry, backup power supply and so on.