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Technological innovation

BASF Launches Polyurethane Composite Material Battery Pack Shell Solution

Writer: admin Time:2023-04-12 16:43:32 Browse:67℃

BASF has developed a polyurethane composite battery pack shell solution based on the STM (spray transfer molding) process, and several electric vehicles equipped with this innovative solution have been launched in large quantities. This is also the first mass-produced STM polyurethane composite material battery pack shell on a global scale.

After thorough mass production verification, this solution combines good flame retardancy with light weight, which can improve the driving safety of electric vehicles. In addition, in terms of production, it can be directly applied to existing mature automotive supply chains and production facilities, with high production efficiency, and is very suitable for rapid and large-scale production in the automotive industry. It is an ideal solution for weight reduction and cost reduction of electric vehicle battery packs.

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