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Maintenance methods for batteries

Writer: admin Time:2019-09-18 03:17:35 Browse:86℃

1、 When the battery is not used for a long time, it will slowly discharge itself until it is scrapped. When the car has not been started for a long time, it should be started every 1 month or so to charge the battery. Another solution is to unplug the two electrode wires on the battery. It should be noted that when unplugging the positive and negative electrode wires from the electrode post, the negative electrode wire must be unplugged first, or the connection between the negative electrode and the car chassis must be removed. Then unplug the end with the positive electrode, otherwise it may cause an electric shock.

2、 The battery has a certain service life and needs to be replaced at a certain period of time. No matter how much electrolyte is added or charged, it cannot be saved. And when replacing, it is also necessary to follow the above order of wire pulling. When connecting the electrode wires, use the opposite order, first connect the positive electrode, and then connect the negative electrode.

3、 When the ammeter pointer shows insufficient battery storage, it is necessary to charge in a timely manner. The storage capacity of the battery can be reflected on the dashboard. Sometimes during the journey, it is found that the battery level is low and the engine cannot start. As a temporary measure, you can seek help from other vehicles and use their batteries to start the vehicle. Connect the negative and negative poles of the two batteries, and the positive and positive poles.

4、 When replenishing the electrolyte, it is strictly prohibited to use purified drinking water instead. Because pure water still contains trace elements, it can have adverse effects on batteries.

5、 It is recommended to check the battery every quarter for any leakage of electrolyte. After adding electrolyte, the cover needs to be tightened, otherwise the electrolyte may seep out or leak. And it is necessary to check whether the exhaust hole on the battery electrolyte filling cover is blocked. If this situation is found, either repair the battery. If the time exceeds 4 years, it indicates that the battery needs to be replaced.

6、 When starting a car (including starting after stalling), uninterrupted use of the starter can cause damage to the battery due to excessive discharge. The correct usage method is to start the car for a total time of no more than 5 seconds each time, and the interval between restarts should not be less than 15 seconds. In the case of multiple starts without starting the vehicle, the cause should be identified from other aspects such as the circuit, ignition coil, or oil circuit.